Quality Assurance

What is happening in Quality Assurance at UB?

Quality Assurance Mission, Vision and Goals

Quality Enhancement Plans (QEPs)

The step following the formal review of an academic program is the construction and subsequent implementation of a multi-year quality enhancement plan based on the recommendations of the Self Study Review Report and the External Peer Review Team Report. Eight programs have completed their QEPs, viz., Biology (Associate and Bachelor), Primary School Teacher Education (Associate and Bachelor), Information Technology (Associate and Bachelor), Pharmacy (Associate) and Tourism Management (Bachelor). Excepting Pharmacy and Information Technology, QEP team leaders of these programs have opted to re-formulate their QEPs before implementation. Seven programs reviewed in 2011-12 and were scheduled to begin drafting their QEPs. The Certificate in Midwifery is scheduled for external review in Semester II of 2012-13. The Associate in Business Studies and the Bachelor in Management are required to repeat the program review exercise.

Program Specification Review Workshops

The QAO is facilitating the review of Program Specification (PS) documents. Each faculty will have a one day workshop to review its PS documents. We aim to have these documents reviewed by the end of semester 1 of the current academic year. By doing this, we hope to firm up the linkages between program Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) and course ILOs as well as to familiarize faculty members with the use of the PS documents. For the schedule of the workshops, please refer to the QAO Calendar at the bottom of the page.

Faculty Continuous Professional Development Program

The QA office budgeted for ten Faculty Continuous Professional workshops to be arranged through academic departments. Department chairs consult with their faculty members to determine the theme of the workshop and come up with the date, venue and facilitator for the workshop. So far, FEA, IT, and Toledo campus have conducted their workshops. The others are pending for semester II of 2012-13.

Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI)

Together with Sacred Heart Junior College, the QA office coordinated the development of a customized software to process data on SEI collected every semester at UB. The software is now ready for pilot testing. The plan is to run SEI in the traditional manner in 2012-13 along with the software developed to iron out glitches that might still remain. It is expected that in academic 2013-14 the QA office and Sacred Heart Junior College will have a functioning software for SEI processing where results can be produced within two weeks of the completion of the data collection. The software will be further developed to better manage SEI reports. In the medium term the expectation is to extend the use of this software to ATLIB junior colleges wishing to develop their own SEI mechanisms.
The SEI 2011-12-2 student report can be found below.

ATLIB NAF: Model Associate Degree Programs

UB’s QAO has been housing the “secretariat” for an articulation project aimed at developing nine national associate degree program models from which junior colleges may modify their existing programs for program articulation with UB bachelor degree programs. A national General Education Curriculum (GEC) Core model is also being developed to serve as the GEC component of the nine models.  One year into the project the teams have made considerable progress. Each of the teams is led by a team leader from UB. Team members are drawn from junior colleges. The project is fully supported by the Ministry of Education that has been funding about fifty percent of the cost of the project. ATLIB has placed the project on hold at UB’s request. Reactivation is expected soon after the completion of UB’s Curriculum Review project.

Program Review 2012-13

The schedule for the review of eight programs in 2012-13 has been put on hold until UB completes its Curriculum Review project.

New Program Development Protocol

QAO drafted and the Quality Assurance Committee reviewed UB’s New Program Development Protocol. The protocol has been submitted to the Academic Council for further review. In the meantime, the protocol is now in use.

QA Mechanisms

QAO wishes to express its appreciation to all the parties involved in improving the quality of the University of Belize. As we works towards a better UB, we are glad that you are there to support us along the way. For more information or comments on QAO and its activities, please send an email to: qa@ub.edu.bz or contact our office in Belmopan Campus, 822-1000.