Accomodation Costs



Four kinds of housing arrangements are available:

  1. UB Dormitory    
  2. Host-family- student lives with a Belizean family and enjoys the benefit of living with a family   
  3. Renting an apartment- student rents an apartment and is responsible for food and all utilities.       
  4. Renting a house – student(s) rent an entire house.

Estimated Costs of Housing (all prices in US Dollars)

  • Dormitory $175.00 private room with private bath and access to internet.  Shared rooms $60.00 shared rooms (capacity of 6)  with shared bathrooms.  Shared rooms $130.00 shared rooms (capacity of 4) with shared bathrooms.
  • Host Families $225.00 – $300.00 includes accommodation, meals, and access to amenities (costs varies with caliber of house)
  • Host Families excluding meals $175.00 US and up
  • Renting a house US. $225. –   US$550.00.  The prices of the houses vary according to the number of rooms and how much furniture the house has.