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Professional Development Training in Early Childhood Education


Want to upgrade your skills to effectively deliver quality education at the early childhood level?

If you are a teacher living in the Orange Walk or Corozal communities, come participate in our professional development courses, specially designed with you in mind.

Purpose for the Program

The main purpose of this program is to provide practicing teachers with an opportunity to gain core knowledge in early childhood education while at the same time professionally developing their skills so as to be able to provide quality education to the younger student population of Belize.

Goals of the Program

The University of Belize’s professional development program will provide core foundational courses to practicing teachers who work in early childhood classrooms in Belize. Through the courses and activities, the program will seek to develop knowledgeable and capable teachers who will effectively plan and implement developmentally appropriate practices for children in the early childhood classrooms. Therefore, the program will focus on:

  • Acquisition of knowledge of the fundamental theories of early childhood education
  • Acquisition of children’s developmental stages, growth and behaviors.
  • Recognizing play as a vehicle for learning and development of a child.
  • Acquisition of knowledge on curriculum theories, assessments and best practices in the Early Childhood classroom.
  • Developing an understanding of the elements and principles of design in the construction of teaching/learning resources appropriate for young children and that encompass the appropriate use of technology.

Courses run from March 11, 2017 - September 9, 2017.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your skills!

Deadline for Application: February 15, 2017

To Apply and read additional information kindly download the documents below.

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