Programs Of Study



Bachelor Degrees Offered

BACC Accounting
BBIO Biology
BBIE Biology Education
BBUE Business Education
  Cognate In Accounting
  Cognate In Information Technology
  Cognate In Management
BENG English
BENE English Education
BHIS History
BINT Information Technology
BMAN Management
BMAT Mathematics
BMAE Mathematics Education
BNRM Natural Resource Management
BNUR Nursing
BPRE Primary Education
BPSM Public Sector Management
BSOW Social Work
BTOM Tourism Management

Diplomas Offered

DEDM Education


Associate Degrees Offered

AAGR Agriculture
AARC Architectural Technology
ABIO Biology
ABCE Building And Civil Engineering
ABUS Business Science
ACHE Chemistry
AENG English
AENH Environemntal Health
AINT Information Technology
AMAS Marine Science
AMAT Mathematics
AMEE Mechanical And Electrical Engineering
AMLT Medical Laboratory Technology
ANRM Natural Resource Management
APHA Pharmacy
APHY Physics
APRE Primary Education
ASOW Social Work
ATOS Tourism Management


Certificates Offered

CESL English As A Second Language
CMID Midwifery
CPLS Paralegal Studies
CPRN Practical Nursing
CPNP Psychiatric Nursing Practitioner
CRHN Rural Health Nursing
ACE Tour Guide Training Program