Program Offerings


The Faculty of Education and Arts (FEA) consists of two departments and two centers:

  1. The Regional Language Center,
  2. Arts, and
  3. Education 
  4. History & Anthropology Center

The Regional Language Center (RLC) offers English and Spanish language courses of varying proficiency levels, types and duration. The aim is to develop students' abilities in the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), thereby enabling them to communicate in the work place and in everyday interaction with competent language speakers or to pursue further studies in the new language. In addition, the RLC offers translation/ interpretation services. The coordinator is Mr. Jhon Flores.

The Dean of FEA is Dr. Nestor Chan. The chair of the faculty is Dr. June Young. The Arts Department offers one Associate Degree in English (AENG) and one Bachelor Degree in English (BENG).  Both programs are offered at the UB central campus in Belmopan. 

The Education Department offers one Associate Degree in Primary Education (APRE).  This program is offered at all three UB Campuses: Belize City, Belmopan, and Punta Gorda. The coordinator for Internship and the Belize City campus is Dr. Maxine McKay.

The History and Anthropology Center opened in August of 2008 with one major to date, the Bachelor of History with Social Science major. Additionally, all history classes that support the education programs are offerred through this center. The Chair of the department Ms. Francine Sabal.

Below you will find the full listing of program offerings:

Regional Language Center

Certificate, English-As-A-Second-Language (CESL)

Department of Arts

Associate Degree, English  (AENG )

Bachelor Degree, English  (BENG )

Department of Education

Associate Degree, Primary Education (APRE)

Bachelor Degree Primary Education (BPRE)

Bachelor Degree, English Education (BENE)

Bachelor Degree, Business Education :Accounting (BBUE)

Bachelor Degree, Business Education: Management (BBUE)

Bachelor Degree, Business Education :Computer (BBUE)

Bachelor Degree Biology (BBIE)

Bachelor Degree, History (BHIS)

Bachelor Degree, Math Education (BMAE)

Diploma In Education (DEDM)