About The Faculty


In mid-2003, the University went through a reorganizing exercise due to financial exigencies and as a way to improve efficiency. As a result of the exercise, the University now has four academic faculties: the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Arts and Education, the Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health and the Faculty of Science and Technology.

The mission of the new Faculty of Management and Social Sciences reads:"The Faculty of Management and Social Sciences seeks to provide professional management training to its clients with the view of achieving excellence in teaching, service and research. Through a focused partnership with the private and public sectors, the faculty will provide quality education to assist in Belize's economic development."


  • To equip students with the principles, concepts, techniques and knowledge necessary to take leadership positions in business, government, and non-governmental organization and to develop skills, knowledge and interest in entrepreneurship
  • To provide students with an awareness of the social, political, and economic environment in which business is carried out and their responsibilities and duties as managers and leaders in the system
  • To develop an understanding of technology and its impact on business on the national, regional and international environment
  • To present students with an education relevant to the Belizean environment
  • To provide students with the knowledge which will enable them to examine Belize's position in the global environment and examine ways to enhance Belize's competitive position
  • To increase the practicality of Belize business education, through a formal internship programme