About NRM



Since the wet season semester of 2003, the NRM program is housed in the new science facilities on the Belmopan campus of the University Of Belize. Having access to ample space and new equipment and supplies, several facilities were set up and put into operation in the Humming Bird Building for the Dry Season 2004 semester, including a:

  • Taxonomy Laboratory- This facility is equipped with research quality stereo and compound microscopes, vials for curation of specimens and taxonomic keys.The current focus of the lab is aquatic macroinvertebrates used as indicators.However, future interests include diatoms, terrestrial invertebrate indicator groups and plants.
  • Portable Water Quality Laboratory- Hach, Hanna and other equipment allow for collection of temperature, DO, BOD, pH, conductivity, hardness, alkalinity, nutrients, salinity and other typical parameters.Equipment to process microbiological samples are also part of the lab equipment.
  • GIS/ Mapping Laboratory- Twelve Pentium 4 computers are available for use as GIS mapping tools and for project management and report construction.GPS data can be downloaded and maps made with our current capacity.
  • NRMP Office Complex- Office space for faculty, students working on special projects is currently available and will help to coordinate projects and make faculty and students more available to GOB, NGO, CBO and university groups.


1996 The Natural Resources Management Programme started by Dr. Vincent Palacio as an Associate Degree Programme in 1996 at the University College of Belize in Belize City (now University Of Belize) and included the Marine Research Station at Calabash Caye as their major field site.

1999 The NRM Programme was split up with the establishment of the Institute of Marine Studies (formerly called the Marine Research Station) and now operate as separate entities.

2002 The NRM Programme was moved to Central Farm campus under the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management (FANR).

2003 Following the wet season semester of 2003, the program moved to the new science facilities on the Belmopan campus.

2005 The NRMP started offering a B.Sc. Degree in Natural Resources Management.


The NRMP is located in the Hummingbird Building at the Faculty of Science building complex of the University Of Belize, Belmopan Campus, Belize. The Building is at the back overlooking the Mayan community of Salvapan and the vegetated property of the University.