About RLC



The Regional Language Centre (RLC) at the University of Belize campus is located in the “Garden City” of Belmopan, Belize’s capital. The campus is surrounded by many of the country’s true natural wonders, and it provides a peaceful environment conducive to learning. Approximately fifteen nationalities are represented among the students in each semester, which enhances the opportunity for cultural exchange.

A Brief History Of The Regional Language Center

The history of the Regional Language Centre began with the English as a Second Language (ESL) programme in 1978 at the Belize College of Arts, Science and Technology, which evolved into UCB in 1986 and the University of Belize (UB) in the year 2000. The RLC came about in 1995 to facilitate economic and diplomatic integration and closer cooperation between countries of Central and Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2000, a $2.3 million building was sponsored by the Republic of China (ROC) Taiwan and set up in Belmopan, the central campus of the University of Belize. Today, the RLC is a well-equipped modern facility serving the region as the centre for second language acquisition.

The Focus Is On Learning Rather Than Teaching

  • Teachers help students "discover" principles and relationships and develop “inner criteria” for correctness
  • "teacher talk" is kept to a minimum
  • Independent study is targeted towards individual needs and allows students to learn at their own pace
  • Students learn through "doing" (experiential learning)
  • Success is measured by what students can “do” communicatively and cross-culturally rather than by what they “know” cognitively
  • Learning takes place outside as well as inside of the classroom through continual language practice and cross-cultural contact