Off-campus Housing And Lodging

Housing Contracts

Students are responsible for entering into contracts with their landlords; therefore, they are advised to properly read and understand the conditions of the contracts before they sign them. The university is not responsible for any such agreement or for any problems that may occur as a result of the contract that the student enters into.

Students are also responsible for their behavior in the community and should always be mindful of the fact that they are ambassadors for their countries and of the university.  Students must pay a deposit of one-month rent in addition to the first month’s rent when entering a rental contract. 

Students must give landlords a minimum of one month’s notice before exiting a house or lose their deposit.  The university will help students with information and recommendation for houses based on past recommendations of previous students.  The university is not responsible for students housing and will not be able to help students if they fall into legal problems because of breech of contract.

For questions E-mail Sharon Palacio at or call (501) 822-1000 ext. 212.