Rules and Regulations of the Relathon

  1. a.) This event will be monitored by two officials per team that will be introduced on such date of the activity.
    • 2 Referees - who will ensure that all rules are followed
    • 2 Timers - who will be responsible for the register the accurate time each participant and the complete event
    b.) Miles will be marked in highlighted white.
    c.) Starting point for the male team will be from the Colombus Park in front of the Police station in San Ignacio to Belize City Engineering (ITVET) Campus.
    d.) Starting point for the female team will be from the Shell Gas Station/ Bliss Parade Belmopan City to Belize City ITVET Campus.
    e.) The official start time for the Relathon is 8:30 am sharp.
  2. Each participant must be a University of Belize student and must complete a registration form to participate in the event.
  3. Each team must have a female and male Staff/Faculty member who will be participating with them.
  4. UB Alumni are eligible to participate in the Relathon.
  5. All participants must wear their relathon T-shirt while running.
  6. All participants will be given a number to attach on to his/her shirt before running.
  7. Each team will be given only 10 splits (two runners only to cover any given mile of the race) and may not exceed, if so they shall face a penalty of one mile for each infringement.

To register download and fill in the form below