All students who live along the highway are asked to kindly submit their names to the conductor at the beginning of the semester to ensure that pick up points are not missed.

Kindly respect the drivers, conductors and your fellow commuters!  Remember that it is in giving respect that we gain respect.


  1. All buses depart on time.
  2. ALL the UB buses will transport UB Students Faculty and Staff ONLY.
  3. All UB Faculty Staff and Students must have a UB ID to show the conductor upon his request.
  4. Please have your exact bus fare ready before getting on the bus.
  5. When the first bus is full, it will signal students to catch the second bus.
  6. Be at the pickup point on time or earlier than the appointed time.
  7. The buses will stop at the points on the highway listed below as they have space.
  8. Anyone forced to stand will pay ½ price.

Bus Schedules

U.B. Eastern Bus Schedule

U.B. Western Bus Schedule


Press Release

The Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Ms. Julianne Pasos joins Dr. Abel Carrias in congratulating Raphael Martinez and Mark McNab, students from UB's Bachelors in Biology and Bachelors in NRM programs respectively, for participating in research work under the supervision of US sci more

May 2017
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Vol. 1
Issue 2