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General Information

What is the Library's address and fax number?

Send mail to: University of Belize Library, Stann Creek Street, Belmopan City, P. O. Box 340 Belmopan. Faxes: (501) 822-3775.

Are we allowed to take our school bags to our desks?

At the Management & Social Science Library, Central Farm Library and the Engineering Resource Center, all school bags are to be placed on the appropriate shelves upon entering the library. This is to prevent students from placing library material in their school bags by mistake or, in certain instances, to prevent stealing.

Patrons are asked to fill out a declaration form at the Circulation Desk. The University of Belize accepts no responsibility for the loss of or damage to an article and encourages library patrons to remove all valuables from their schoolbags.

At the Central Campus Library, Toledo Campus Library school bags are allowed in. However, if students need to proceed to the shelf/book area, the school bags need to be left behind the Circulation Desk.

Can I bring food or beverages into the Library?

Food and beverages are not allowed in the Library and must be left with your schoolbags, behind the Circulation Desk.

What are the opening hours for the library?

The Library’s Opening Hours tend to differ from semester to semester. The opening hours are generally from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. On occasions when the library will be closed, flyers are always posted on bulletins around the campus, advertising the exact date and time that the library will be closed. Click here for more information.

How do I become a library member?

Once you are a UB student, you automatically become a library member, provided that you present your student identification card when borrowing materials from the library.

Reference Services

What are the opening hours of the Reference Department?

During the semester, the Reference Department hours of operation are the same as the regular opening hours of the library. Help is provided with reference and research questions and with technical matters, such as finding periodicals and books or online searches. Click here for more information.

How do I contact a Reference Librarian?

Call the Reference Desk at Ext.143. Questions may also be submitted to the Reference staff from our Ask Us Online page.

Which electronic databases does the Library make available?

At the moment the library has a trial database with EBSCOHost.


What are the borrowing privileges of the UB community?

What borrowing options are available to persons not affiliated with the University of Belize?

Kindly e-mail the Chief Librarian for an answer.

How can books be renewed?

The due date for borrowed books is stamped on the circulation slip in the back or front of the book. Current UB faculty, students and employees may renew books in person and must present books when renewing. If a book is being recalled (because it is needed by another borrower) it may not be renewed. It must be returned to the Library at once.

How can a checked-out book be recalled to the Library? What about overdue books?

Books must be returned or renewed by the date stamped on the book. A fine of $0.25 per day (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) is charged for any overdue library book. Students who, after receiving due notice from the Library Staff, have failed to return books by the end of the semester, will neither receive reports nor be able to register for the following semester. In addition on occasion when the individual is unable to present the Library book, they will be required to pay the fee of the item to levy the cost. Please avoid problems by either returning or renewing books on time!

Faculty Reserve

How can faculty place items on reserve?

Faculty may place UB Library books, photocopied articles, and personal materials on reserve, for a particular course. Forms for placing Library materials on reserve are available at the Circulation Desk.

How and where can students access reserved materials?

The Faculty Reserve Materials are located behind the Circulation Desk. The Library staff will assist you in locating particular items. The items are listed by professor and course, in a binder provided at the desk and is updated daily. Depending on the lecturer, Faculty Reserve Materials may go out overnight, or be used in the Library only.

Photocopying in the Library

Does the library offer photocopying service?

The library provides photocopying service to its regular users as well as guest-users. Photocopying is carried-out by library staff behind the Circulation Desk.

How much are the copies?

This service has a charge of $ 0.25 a page or $ 0.50 front and back. A student is allowed only to photocopy a maximum of 40 pages. If he/she wishes to photocopy more, they must return within an hour.

Does the library offer a credit service?


Requests and Feedback

How do I request the purchase of a book?

Members of the UB community can fill out our Book Acquisitions Request form.

How do I send comments or questions about the Library or its web site?

We welcome your feedback or queries. Go to our UB Forum and help us improve!