Mission & Vision Statement



Mission Statement

The University of Belize Library is committed to provide access to and delivery of information resources to UB administrators, faculty, students and staff in support of the university's teaching and research mission. By creating a setting conducive to learning, discovery, and cultural life, the library assists patrons to achieve professional goals. The library provides resources and services to non-UB users to the extent possible.

Vision Statement

As a dynamic organization, which is the heart of the University, the Library evolves to meet the changing needs of the University of Belize. This it proposes to do through the following:

The University of Belize Library is committed to intellectual freedom and shaping the educational experience of its students. Determined in this endeavor to provide outstanding public services and library use instruction, it plans to generate knowledge in an effort to mold new skills.

The University of Belize Library aims to support the teaching and research needs of the faculty, seeking to provide information to the academic community in support of instructional programs. It plans to sensitize faculty, on an on-going basis, to the use of the Library.

The University of Belize Library is committed to customer-based service, as it recognizes the need for professional awareness and career development paricularly in specialized training.

The University of Belize Library plays a leadership role in upgrading the Library systems in the community. It is flexible and responsive to the needs of its constituents without sacrificing quality.

The University of Belize Library welcomes collaboration with regional and international libraries as well as the need to collaborate with campus and community partners, to increase access to instructional activities and resource sharing. Inter-library loan is one of its main priorities.

Information Technology
The University of Belize recognizes that Information Technology is vital for its development. As a result, such plans have been instituted to provide the widest possible access to information and to play a leadership role in the formulation of information and knowledge resources to support all programs offered. Thus, maximizing the application of technology. It is expected that this will help to achieve the highest level of literacy for: students, faculty and staff, who will benefit from the automated functions of Acquisitions, Serial Control and Circulation. As it becomes a partner in national and regional Bibliographic Networks, it aims to achieve the status of a Virtual Library.

The University of Belize Library continues to maintain an excellent collection and will strive to expand the Belize and Audio-Visual Collections. Ever mindful that the Library holdings need to: demonstrate relevance, promote innovation and protect tradition, it aims to develop and maintain other special collections which are responsive to students' needs.

It intends to promote facilities which accomodate and protect existing collections, by securing space conducive to study and research, bearing in mind the social and cultural aspects of the Library. In its committment to facilitating appropriate access to and maximizing resources, it creates opportunities for students, faculty and staff to engage in shared experiences.

The University of Belize Library is the gateway to both the University community and resource materials that connect information with knowledge; within this capacity, it serves as a beacon which complements higher education.