Technical Services



The Technical Service Department is an important division within the University of Belize Library. It is housed in the Main Library at the Belmopan Central Campus. This department is under the leadership of Mrs. Arlene Conorqui, Associate Librarian of Technical Service.

This department is responsible for the processing of: books, serials, scores, sound recordings, videos, CD-ROMS, electronic resources and almost anything else selected for the libraries. The processing includes: acquisition, cataloging, binding and record management of the aforementioned items.

The knowledge required by the staff in this department is vast, since they must familiarize themselves with: the pricing of materials, geographical locations, publishers, different languages and subjects, Dewey Decimal System and the Library of Congress format and website. Included in the processing system, is something called Original Cataloging, where local materials are also processed carefully.

The Technical Service Department staff also conducts community outreach to institutions, where they teach school teachers and staff of other libraries, how to set up a library, which includes the processing of materials and proper maintenance of a library.

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